Write a book about Virgil Van Dijk: Klopp

Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk was involved everywhere last night. He was involved in the first Bayern goal, the one put into net by mistake by Liverpool defender Joel Matip.

However, he was also everywhere else throughout the match, sniffing out everything with a stamp of authority. He was covering the entire defence and if that was not enough, he ended up scoring a decisive away goal for the Reds as well that put the match to bed for Liverpool and effectively kicked out Bayern Munich.

His manager Jurgen Klopp has expressed his craziness about the defender and has hailed him as a hero for his season at Liverpool.

“You could write a book about his skills, his strengths, how much I like him, what a fantastic person he is,” Klopp said after the game. “He’s so young, already so mature, so strong, all good.”

“He was involved in Bayern’s goal as well, so what a night,” the Reds boss joked. Liverpool will find out their quarter-final opponents on Friday, and the story is not finished yet. “Virgil knows he can play better than he did,” said Klopp. “We can play better.”

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