Adrian Furious With Pickford For Van Dijk Injury

Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford injured Liverpool’s star defender Virgil van Dijk.

During the match, the Everton goalkeeper came with a late scissor challenge, gravely injuring Van Dijk, leading to an anterior cruciate ligament injury in the knee area and no one can tell how long he will be out for.

However, looking at the seriousness of the injury, the Liverpool defender might potentially be out for the entire season. And Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian is not happy with his Everton counterpart’s action.

“It was a very bad challenge in a very bad position of Virgil’s body,” said Adrian to Sky Sports, “It was late. No player is allowed to do this kind of challenge’,

“I’m a goalkeeper and I always defend goalkeepers, but going for a ball like this in that case… I don’t know.

“It’s not fair in that situation because he hasn’t got much chance to block the ball in that position, just to hurt the other player.”

Pickford will not be facing any charges for what he did, as confirmed when referees Michael Oliver and David Coote didn’t call him out for any action when the match was on.

“As a footballer, your body is at risk every time you play but you have a few challenges that you are allowed to do,” Adrian continued.

“But I don’t accept this kind of challenge. The federation, the Premier League cannot accept these kinds of things.”

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