Alexander-Arnold's Valuation Climbs Up - Even More Than Van Dijk!

21-year old Trent Alexander-Arnold is on the rise – massively. So much so that his valuation has shot up even higher than defender Virgil van Dijk. 

He is currently Liverpool’s third most valuable player, according to Transfermarkt. The 21-year old started off at being priced at just £450k. Now valued at £99m, he has crossed Van Dijk’s valuation even – who was last placed at £90m. 

That’s a big surprise, to have crossed Van Dijk even. The Dutch defender is extremely valuable to the team, having not been crossed off for over 50 games – thus, it might not seem fair to all. 

Now he is only behind Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane at £135m each. So, how did that happen?

It’s clear why. He’s quickly becoming one of the best right-backs in the country. With 12 assists in 28 matches, he’s catching up to Man City player Kevin de Bruyne and by the looks of it, will probably soon. 

To add to that, Alexander-Arnold is already a Champions League winner and a probable Premier League winner too, at only the young age of 21. That’s got to be something, isn’t it? It’s probably no revelation that he will soon come close to £100m. But now the question is, will Alexander-Arnold or Van Dijk reach £100m first? It’s a gamble.

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