Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has said that his team is not feeling any kind of pressure as the Premier League title race is reaching its climax.

Liverpool are currently a point behind Manchester City and even if they beat Cardiff City today, they will be above Manchester City who will have  game in hand. Hence, Liverpool need Manchester City to drop points in their remaining matches.

However, Alisson has claimed that the team is not feeling any sort of pressure. The Brazilian said, “It isn’t pressure. It’s a feeling of knowing that you have the possibility of winning, a feeling of responsibility.

We play at a gigantic club in Liverpool, with passionate supporters who care deeply about the Premier League first and foremost, and the Champions League.

So we feel the responsibility yes, but we take it on and try to play as well as we can out on the field.”

Liverpool have to play 6 matches which can go up to 7 if they qualify for the Champions League final. Provided Liverpool win all 7 matches, they are assured of at least one silverware which is Europe’s top prize.

Alisson said, “In theory this is beautiful. But the reality is that there is a lot of work ahead of us, it’s not just seven games. Yes we could reach the Champions League final, but in the meantime we have two semi-finals and four games in the Premier League.

We are going to fight very hard to win these two titles, but it’s a very difficult mission and we have to take it step by step, game by game, very calmly.”

Alisson also spoke about fellow goalkeeper and close friend Ederson who has been in terrific form for Manchester City. Speaking of Ederson, Alisson said, “I think of him like a brother. Ederson is a great person, he has a great personality, I respect him very much and he and his family are dear to me.

We don’t speak too much at the moment. We speak more when we’re together with the national team. When we’re there we talk less about work and more about family, day-to-day things, not so much about the title race. That’s very normal for people in our profession.”

Alisson will hope to continue his good form for Liverpool as they take on Cardiff City today.

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