Liverpool defender Andy Robertson has hailed Manchester City’s efforts insisting they are a delight to watch.

City pipped Liverpool to the Premier League by just one solitary point as Pep Guardiola guided the Sky Blues to their second consecutive English title.

Stakes were pretty high as both the teams played some exemplary football this season but it was City who eventually emerged out as the winner.

The Reds have squandered another golden chance to lay their hands on the coveted trophy although Jurgen Klopp’s side is still in contention of another major trophy as they are scheduled to face Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League final in Madrid.

Robertson said, “It’s obviously a [feeling of] disappointment but also one of pride because we’ve had a fantastic season.

“We’ve come up against a fantastic team and we cannot deny that. Man City are world class and the way they have gone about their business this season, now we can say it, it has probably been a joy to watch.

“They know that we are here and hopefully we are here to stay now.

“Last season they won it by god only knows how many points and now we have taken them down to the final day.

“Both of us have had an unbelievable tally so all credit goes to them.

“Hopefully we can use this. We’ll win the league one of these years.”



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