Arnold reveals Celtic ambitions as a kid

Liverpool’s local hero Trent Alexander-Arnold has revealed that he was a Celtic fan as a kid!

However, as Steven Gerrard made a move to Rangers to be in charge, Alexander-Arnold admits that his preference has shifted and now he likes the Rangers more.

Speaking to GQ, as quoted by the Scottish Sun, he said: “Growing up I was Celtic, but now, because of the connection, I’m probably neutral up there now.

Celtic fans might not be too ecstatic about Alexander-Arnold shifting interest but one can understand. Steven Gerrard has been an idol to most current Liverpool players, and Alexander-Arnold was no expection growing up. 

So when Gerrard took on Rangers as head coach, Alexander-Arnold softened and has a soft corner for the Rangers over Celtics now. 

Alexander-Arnold’s passing and crossing skills are on point and he has contributed greatly to Jurgen Klopp’s squad. He is currently one of best right back at Liverpool.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a rising star in Liverpool and who knows, he might reach the level of Steven Gerrard in the future at Anfield!

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