Football is a neutral game but more often than not, home teams win.

The reason is simple. The game is not just on the pitch, The stadium matters. The crowd can make a difference. Look at Dortmund or Galatasaray’s stadiums. The fans turn on the heat making rivals nervous.

Well if we are looking at scary stadiums for oppositions, there are few scarier than Liverpool’s Anfield, the home turf of the Klopp army. One man who was scared more than normal was Mikel Arteta.

When asked if Liverpool’s strong last season which saw them challenge for the league title and win the Champions League surprised him, Arteta said: “No, because it is very difficult to beat them.

“Also, in my playing career, Anfield was the only ground where in which I had the feeling of ‘pájara’, of being stuck.

“It happened to me with Arsenal, and we conceded five… You say: ‘I do not know what’s going on, stop the game, please, because I do not know where I am’.

“It’s hard to explain, but it never happened to me anywhere other than Anfield.

“Barca surprise me by the form of some of their goals, but at Anfield you can concede five without knowing.

“Neither in Spain nor in Greece or Germany did I have that feeling. Not even in Old Trafford.”

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