Atletico Madrid Started Winning From Outside The Stadium - Diego Simeone

Diego Simeone was taken aback by how Liverpool was welcomed into the Wanda Metropolitano.

The streets outside were filled with supporters and red smoke as loud chants went off towards the home team.

“We started winning on the roundabout next to the stadium,” Simeone told Movistar. “In eight years, I’ve never seen a reception like that.”

Atletico Madrid went on to win the contest 1-0 through a goal from Saul Nigez. Simeone added in his press conference, “[The atmosphere] was exciting, it makes you want to play. The team responded with great effort, as they did in Valencia.

“It was not [the best night] because we didn’t get a title, but there are nights you don’t forget and this was one of them. The best team in the world comes after a lot of wins and you beat them.”

Of course, Jurgen Klopp was not too happy with the loss. He warned Atletico about visiting Anfield in two weeks time. Speaking about the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, Simeone continued, “We’re going to play with a lot of humility, because they are accustomed to playing massive games in their stadium.

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