Remember Ryan Babel, Liverpool fans?

Well he has said certain things recently which will surely surprise you.

He said: “I have played for Ajax, Liverpool and Besiktas in Turkey – all massive clubs in Europe. I play for my country and I am an established ­international. And yet, I know that most people think that I should not even be selected.

“I feel this with fans and with the media. It is time I touch this subject. I don’t think I have to keep it quiet any more. ­Nobody likes me. I know that the Holland boss, Ronald Koeman, ­appreciates me. But for pundits, TV ­commentators and in the media, I don’t even exist. Every footballer plays with the hope that people love to watch you. But, for me, there is no sympathy or interest. I don’t seem to have any charm for fans.

“What can I do about it? I ­really don’t know. If they don’t like you, nobody will care about you. I don’t feel sorry for myself. But I do think it’s time to ­express myself and come out with my inner feelings.”

He said: “When I played for Liverpool, I was always picked for Holland. But when I left, I didn’t get picked for my country once ­between 2011 and 2017.

“That was a stage in my ­career when I had mental ­problems because I was not sure if I was actually a decent footballer. If nine out of 10 people are saying you are no good as a player, you get some bad ­moments of reflection.

“When I was in the prime of my career, nobody wanted to sign me. Not a single club showed interest.

“My agent started to ask managers and club directors why they didn’t want to sign me. The answer was always the same, ‘Decent player, but not for us’. Every time. It knocks your confidence. I just had to accept it and, in the end, I decided to go for the money and I moved to the United Arab Emirates.”

Some careers are harder than others, Babel’s surely is.

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