10 Best Liverpool Kits In The Premier League Era

Best Liverpool Kits In The Premier League Era

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Liverpool is a professional football club located in Liverpool, England. They compete in the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup during a competitive season. They are regarded as the second most successful club in the country, behind Manchester United in terms of domestic trophies.

They have so far won 6 European Cups, more than any other English club, 3 UEFA Cups, 4 UEFA Super Cups, 18 League titles, 7 FA Cups, a record 8 League Cups and 15 FA Community Shields.

From the signings of talented magicians like Ian Rush and Fernando Torres, we have seen the club break record number of sales in recent years because of their success. The last person who broke the record for jersey sales was Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian has turned into an icon and a cult hero at Anfield becoming one of the world’s best attackers with Liverpool.

To the happiness of Liverpool fans, here is a look at their new away kit:

Top 10 Best Liverpool Kits In Recent History

Liverpool are viewed as one of the most feared teams in Europe after they clinched the Champions League title in 2019 and finished a point behind Manchester City in the Premier League standings. Their jerseys are currently sponsored by New Balance but reports claim that the Reds are about to sign a record-breaking deal with Nike after the 2019/20 season.

Now, we have seen Liverpool sport some pretty terrible jerseys in the past decade, especially the ones from Warrior sport. We can make a whole list of top 10 worst Liverpool jerseys and almost all of them can be fitted in from the recent years. Hopefully, Nike will put an end to that from the next campaign as New Balance has made a few amends with their recent simplistic takes.

Over the years of the club’s success, we have come to recognize some of their best jerseys in the Premier League era.

Let’s take a look at the ten best shirts ever worn by the Me –

10. Home Kit 2018/19 – Best Liverpool Kits

2018/19 was a year of major success for Liverpool – winning their sixth European trophy was a huge deal in reestablishing the club’s status in world football. The Reds are no longer, a top-six chasing side but a concrete contender for multiple titles within one season.

The accumulation of trophies wearing a certain jersey always makes them iconic but this rendition by NB was truly a treat for the eyes. It was neat with clean white trims near the collars.

10 Hottest Shirts Worn By Liverpool

9. Home Kit 2000/01 – Best Liverpool Kits

8. Third Kit 2018/19

This was a nice little twist by New Balance on the colour grey. A modern take but not too flashy to burn your eyelids.

7. Home Kit 1993/94 – Best Liverpool Kits

Addidas was always turning heads in the ’90s with their edgy shirts but this particular piece with the Carlsberg logo had a different feel to it. This was the jersey Robbie Fowler wore when he burst onto the scene as a lethal goal-scoring teenager.

Top 10 Liverpool Kits In The Premier League Era

6. Third Kit 2016/17 – Best Liverpool Kits

5. Away Kit 2009/10 – Best Liverpool Kits

Top Premier League Jerseys Of Liverpool

4. Home Kit 2008/09 – Best Liverpool Kits

Best Liverpool Kits In The Premier League Era Fernando Torres

3. Third Kit 2006/07 – Best Liverpool Kits

2. Home Kit 1992/93 – Best Liverpool Kits

This jersey has become iconic and has been voted the best on many forums. There was something about the symmetric white lines by Adidas on the shoulders and alternate hips that merged so beautifully with the bright red.

The away kit had the exact design but in Green, which also looked spectacular.

1. Home Kit 2004/05 – Best Liverpool Kits

Millions of Liverpool fans were born after the glorious night in Istanbul in 2005 when Liverpool roared back from a 0-3 deficit against AC Milan in the Champions League finals. The Reds, led by Steven Gerard made a comeback and went on to win the final trophy, making it one of the most memorable football games in the history of this wonderful sport.

Reebok lucked into making a historical jersey which is still one of the most-wanted vintage kits among the Liverpool fans.

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