Carragher - Liverpool performance good but missing something

Jamie Carragher said that he was not completely impressed with Liverpool.

The Reds won 2-0 in a tough away encounter against Leipzig in the first leg of the round of 16 in the Champions League but Carragher felt something was lacking from the Reds.

Carragher said later: “I saw a Liverpool performance that I have seen in the last few weeks. Liverpool’s energy, the pressing has been there for a few weeks and it was there from the start.

“I am not trying to take anything away from that result. That’s a magnificent result. That team (Leipzig) is just behind (Bayern) Munich in the Bundesliga and they did really well in the Champions League last season.

“But the actual goals scored were on the back of mistakes and they (Liverpool) were clinical. They still didn’t create an awful lot in the game. Again, I am not being critical.

“But they haven’t created an awful lot. Then one mistake, the ball has gone into the opposition net, and… they got away with it because of the goalkeeper at 0-0.

“For how well Liverpool played tonight, they still didn’t create an awful lot tonight themselves. For me, going forward that’s still a problem.”

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