The banter for the Champions League has well and truly started.

Liverpool will play Tottenham Hotspur in the final of the Champions League next month. Both sides were not considered favourites when the tournament started. However, Liverpool did make it to the finals of the Champions League last year and also had a splendid Premier League season this time.

This means that they are now pretty much the favourites to win the Champions League next month, according to Gary Neville at least.

Neville admitted: “[Liverpool] Can’t lose it!! They’ve got 6. All done. Spurs no chance! In The bag. 100-1 on! Party has already started. Congrats Carra.”

To which Carragher quickly replied: “It’s you who thinks Spurs have no chance after calling them weak & soft at the start of the season.

“Then had to back track when Harry went for you!! Party started in this place 100’s yrs ago it’s called life you should try it!!”

Well Carra, we can certainly see how you are jinxing the losing chances of your team and we dont blame you! This is after all the biggest club trophy on sale in Europe.

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