Carragher scared for Liverpool for this one reason against Arsenal

Liverpool have warned by Jamie Carragher to not play the offside trap against Arsenal this weekend.

Carragher said on Monday Night Football: “With the quality Arsenal have, if Liverpool get themselves in those positions and don’t run back, they’re going to have major problems within that game.

“On the counter-attack as well, with Liverpool higher up the pitch, Arsenal could cause big problems, I have no doubt about that.

“The chances and the shots on goal that they are allowing at the moment, better quality teams and strikers will make Liverpool pay.”

He added: “But now Liverpool are playing offside and I don’t like it.

“I think they’ve been lucky and fortunate at a number of different times this season to get away with it.”

The Sky Sports pundit said: “When I was a kid coming through, there was something said to us as young players at Liverpool which was ‘we don’t play offside, they run offside’.

“The point Ronnie Moran [former Liverpool captain and coach] was making was that if someone makes a stupid early run, we stay where we are, we’re confident enough. If someone makes a good run and it’s tight, you go with them.

“We didn’t stand still, play offside and not move.”

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