Chamberlain insists there is more to come

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has had a start stop career at Liverpool due to the injury problems.

Now that the player is fit and raring to go, he has claimed that he is getting better and there is a lot to to come from him.

“I feel like I’m getting better. “But when I took one on the ankle and went down, I was a bit disappointed because usually when I feel sharp I manage to get past him there.

“I maybe underestimated him a little bit but they’re the type of moments where I feel like I’ve not just quite got that fully back yet. I feel like a need to be sharper in those moments to burst through and get running, change things and break lines.

“I think that’s coming and I’m getting my feeling back with that. I’ve been trying to sort of dribble a bit more and get that side of my game back because that sort of stuff can take a bit of a while when you’ve been out for a while.

“Overall, I think there’s more to come from me for sure. To get into the team you’ve got to be able to press in a certain way with a certain intensity.”

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