City shot title warning by Gini

Liverpool midfielder Gini Wijnaldum has shot across a title warning to Manchester City.

And Wijnaldum said: “Winning the Champions League has given us all peace of mind. Now we know what it’s like to win the biggest trophy of them all – and we just want to keep going from here and add even more titles.

But Jurgen Klopp is not putting ­extreme pressure on us to win the Premier League. He does not tell us, ‘Now you must win this or that trophy’. He is very ­relaxed.

“He did not do that ­during the past season, either. His idea is that we get the ­maximum out of every ­individual every single day that we are together. And then we will see where that brings us at the end of the season.

“Just look at the list of world-class players who have not won the ­Champions League during their careers. It contains more famous names than you would think – and it tells you that it is really special we have won it with Liverpool.”

Wijnaldum said: “With the manager, it is more or less hate and love. I am sure he has the best ­interests at heart with every player in the squad. But ­sometimes you are so involved in a match and the manager is still chasing you.

“Then you just boil over sometimes – and, in my case, I do get angry with him. I still don’t know if what happened against ­Barcelona was his real plan.

“But that night I was so angry and so disappointed that he did not start me.

“Looking back, we can say things worked out all right. We will never know how it might have gone if the ­manager had started me.”

Wijnaldum added: “Before I even joined Liverpool I had a meeting with Jurgen and ­during our talks he asked me about Virgil van Dijk.

“I had always rated Virgil very highly and my exact words to Jurgen were, ‘He is going to make the ­defence a lot better’.

“So I was not ­surprised when Virgil won the UEFA best player award ahead of Lionel Messi and ­ Cristiano Ronaldo . I ­actually expected him to win it.

“Virgil has had a blinder of a season and has been so successful. Nothing about him ­surprises me any more.”

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