Dalglish - Henderson is too hard on himself

Jordan Henderson is one of the most passionate captains in football.

The player is not as gifted as the likes of Mane and Salah or VVD but has an attitude that trumps everybody.

His ability to shoulder responsibility is rare and he is constantly seeking improvement. Sometimes, so much so that he becomes too harsh on himself, according to Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish.

“When you come into a new football club, it’s not easy,” said the Liverpool legend, who presented Henderson with the Premier League trophy when they were crowned champions.

“He was 19 years of age I think. Every mistake he made, he thought it was his fault.

“The team losses the game and the team wins the game. Destroying yourself isn’t going to be healthy to you or anybody.

“With Jordan, he just needed a little cuddle sometimes.

“Jurgen gives him great responsibility. If you can play for someone, who you feel trusts you, then it’s going to give you a whole lot of confidence.”

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