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Former England international Emile Heskey has said that Liverpool could win the Premier League title this season, given the experience, they gained last season. Jurgen Klopp’s men amassed 97 points but lost the title to Manchester City by just a point.

Liverpool haven’t won the league title since 1990 but Heskey believes that the Liverpool supporters’ long wait for glory could finally come to an end in May.

“Man City will keep the pressure on Liverpool all season and even though they don’t have the best record defensively, going forward they can score 5, 6, 7 and 8 goals,” Heskey said.

“But I think last season helps Liverpool massively because they have now been through that battle before and they know what it will take to win it.”

“I believe City won that battle before because they knew what it takes and how good they had to be to ensure they got around the same points total again.”

“Liverpool didn’t know that but now they have actually been through that.”

“It was amazing that they didn’t win the league with the amount of points they amassed.”

“But now they know what it takes. I’d back Liverpool.”

“I think they are ready and confident.”

“City have done it before and it’s one of those that makes you a little weary, but I’d still back Liverpool over them.”

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