Fabinho, Thiago on Manchester United and Liverpool

Liverpool have a massive double header coming up against Manchester United.

The Reds play the Red Devils in the next round of the FA Cup. Also in the league, Liverpool trail United by 3 points and play them next.

Fabinho admitted that he is excited about the concept of playing United back to back.

“Playing against Manchester United is always a big opportunity, it’s a derby,” Fabinho said.

“I think the fans are excited to have the chance to watch two big games in a short period.

“We are keen to improve our results in the FA Cup in comparison to the previous seasons. So we must be fully focused, it’s the only way to beat such a strong rival.”

As for the other signing Thiago, he is excited by what Liverpool fans have to offer.

In a Q&A, Thiago said: “It’s unbelievable. I guess I was surprised how fast the people could create the lyrics and the video. It was very fast.

“I was flying from Munich to Liverpool and I had already seen the video.

“I said, ‘Wow, I hadn’t even landed here and I had this.’

“The picture is very funny and the video is amazing. I’m looking forward to when the stadium is full with people again and we can hear that song for sure.”

He added: “First of all I want to hear the famous chanting of Liverpool fans after a goal.

“Then, if things are going good, the play, and they like me – I like them for sure – then I would love to hear that (them chanting my name) but first of all let’s hear the Liverpool songs and when we score also, the emotion from the fans.

“For me, that’s more important than a personal one.”

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