Former Reds Striker Aldridge Believes Firmino Losing Sharpness

Former Liverpool striker John Aldridge believes that Roberto Firmino needs to have a rest before the next match.

According to Aldridge, the Reds forward looks ‘blunt’. Firmino has been an important part of the squad ever since Klopp took over and has been in almost every starting eleven since.

However, ever since Firmino’s performance in the past few months has dipped, Aldridge believes that the striker might be losing his sharpness and might need some rest.

The former Reds striker told the Liverpool Echo: “I am still a big Bobby Firmino fan, I love him as a player and what he brings to the side, but things are not good with him and haven’t been for some time now.

“He’s dipped well below his best for the last year or so and maybe he does need a rest. He certainly needs something because at the moment we’re not seeing the player who has played such a key role in the rise under Jurgen Klopp.

“He’s blunt, he’s lost that sharpness and he’s not getting in the box enough.

“He will know and the manager will know – I do myself as a centre forward – that it’s just not happening for him at the moment.

“He seems to be doing all his work in areas where it’s not hurting defenders and needs to be causing them problems in and around the box.

“I do still think we need him because he’s a fantastic player but the manager has got to find a way to get him ticking again in the way he was a couple of years ago.”

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