Fowler not keen on Gerrard managing Liverpool

Former Liverpool forward Robbie Fowler is not very keen on watching Steven Gerrard take charge of Liverpool. Not for the time being at least. 

“You can never say never is football, and Steven is doing a wonderful job up at Rangers,” Fowler told talkSPORT.

“You’ve got to ask the question, are they a better team now since he took over? Of course they are, they really are. Will he want to leave and go back to the Premier League? No doubt about it and in the future, he probably will do.

“He’s the name on everybody’s lips should Liverpool be looking for a new manager, but as far as I’m concerned I don’t want them to be looking for a new manager.

“I want Jurgen to stay for a long time because if he stays for a long time it means Liverpool as a club are successful.

“So all the talk about should Steven be there, of course, he’ll be the name on everyone’s lips, but I hope it’s not for a long time.

“You’ve got to give Jurgen so much credit, Liverpool are just brilliant. He’s got them fit and on fire, they just look an incredible team.

“And people are saying they’re watching great performances, but Liverpool haven’t really reached the heights of what they can do – it’s a scary thought!”

What do you think, Liverpool fans?


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