Gerrard had a Liverpool invitation for PL trophy lift!

Liverpool lifted their first-ever Premier League trophy earlier last month. 

It was the club’s first league trophy in the three decades and one man who everyone remembered and empathized with was the Reds former captain and club legend Steven Gerrard. 

Gerrard was an imperial footballer but never managed to get his hands on the trophy despite coming close on a couple of occasions. 

With the team lifting the trophy finally this year, Stevie G revealed that he was sent an invitation by the club for the trophy lift!

He said, “I was at home watching it on TV. I was invited to go and be around the players, be with them, but I thought the right thing to do was be at home with my family, and let the players celebrate and enjoy themselves.

“The scenes were absolutely fantastic. There was no happier house in Formby than my house, let me tell you. I was on board and all in with Jurgen from day one – from the start he made everyone believe they were about to go on a special journey.

“So I was immensely proud when I saw him deliver the title – and there was a relief, from waiting so long as a fan and as a player. To watch what it meant for all those players and all the people around them was special.”

Classy move from a class man!

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