Gini Wijnaldum looking forward to club world cup

Liverpool midfielder Gini Wijnaldum is looking forward to playing in the Club World Cup!

He said, “I’m really looking forward to playing in the World Cup for teams because back in the day I saw the Champions League winners play in the competition. What I like the most is that if you win, you get a badge on your shirt. That’s something you want to achieve.

That makes the World Cup so beautiful – because you play against other teams from other parts of the world. You would never see them in competition, only pre-season. It’s nice to compete with those teams and see how they do it. I’m looking forward to that.

It’s really important because it gives you a lot of confidence. When you are losing games, pressure will come on the team; when you win games, instead of pressure, confidence will come. It’s always important to win games, or even play good games, because that will help you get more confidence.

That’s what makes this competition so special. First of all, it’s really difficult to qualify for a tournament like this. Second of all, you play against other teams who also had to do a lot of work to come into this competition. That’s why we have to enjoy it the most – because you never know if it’s going to be your last time in a competition like this.

And, on the other side, if you want to play in this competition as much as possible you need to win the Champions League. It also gives you something in the Champions League. If you win the Champions League trophy you can play the World Cup for teams, so it also gives you another reason to want to win the Champions League.

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