Harvey Elliot - Liverpool's Rising Sensation And His Future

Former Leeds and Tottenham goalkeeper Paul Robinson has praised Liverpool’s starlet Harvey Elliot.

Next season might see the starlet becoming a steady part of the Reds squad. He is tipped to be signing a brand new contract, however, no details have been released by Liverpool yet. However to shed some light on the situation, in an interview with Football insider, Paul Robinson talks about the upcoming winger’s future at Liverpool and beyond.

“He is going to have some future in the game.

“I am surprised it is only three years. I would have expected a long contract. Whether that is him or the club I do not know. A player of that quality and that age, I would be looking to tie him down to a longer contract if I was Liverpool.

“I do not think he is going to be sent out on loan. He has had a taste this year and shown more than enough to show that he can be an integral part of the squad next year,” he added.

Liverpool’s assistant manager has also praised Elliott, seeing great potential in him and calling him the “little diamond” of the squad.

“Everyone sees what a great player he is but behind that player is a great human being and a great addition to our squad.

“He’s our little diamond of the team.”

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