Heskey slams Gerrard-Lampard over easy coaching role priviledges

Emile Heskey has pointed to skin color as a reason why Lampard and Gerrard are prefered as coaches over Campbell and Cole.

Speaking to The Times , he said: “I couldn’t tell you why black people had to be bottom-feeders and then others can go wherever and get a job.

“100 per cent it would be easier [for Lampard and Gerrard]. They are going to get those jobs. I can only point towards skin colours.

“I can point towards medals. Sol [Campbell] has got more than Stevie [actually 6-8 behind but has two titles]. Ashley Cole’s got more than any of them. England’s best player for that era. Ash is being given a chance to get on that ladder with Chelsea under-15s.”

He added: “Everyone just says, go and get your badges [which he is doing]. Well, we’ve got an England manager who was in the Premier League [with Middlesbrough] with no badges.

“We have players who have the worst reputations, in the sense of beating people up, and they are still in a job, and I can’t even get on the ladder. I am only guessing that there is a perception that black coaches are probably not up for the job.”

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