How Adrian almost snubbed Liverpool

When Liverpool signed Alisson last year, every Reds fan breathed a sigh of relief.

The Liverpool cult knew having a solid goalkeeper was the base of a Klopp team which loves to play at a high tempo.

So when this year, Alisson was out injured, and Adrian had to step in for 10 Premier League matches and other important cup matches like the European Super Cup.

While every Red was scared at how much it would cost them, as it turned out, Adrian was the hero in many of those matches!

So how did his signing come about?

The former West Ham goalkeeper was out of a contract at the London club and has now told them how Liverpool snapped him up on a free transfer.

“I’d made a drastic decision not to stay any longer at West Ham, despite having a three-year contract offer on the table,” Adrian told BBC Sport .

“I hadn’t played a single game all season in the Premier League.

“I didn’t feel valued economically either, to be honest. It was tough for me.

“Summer came and then I felt those butterflies in my stomach. I knew something good was coming.

“I was already aware of Liverpool’s interest before I received the first offers.

“They called me at the end of July. They said that they’d sell [Simon] Mignolet if I gave the deal the green light. That’s how it happened.”

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