How are we 20 points ahead of City: Klopp

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has expressed his shock at being 20 points ahead of ‘magnificient’ Manchester City in the league. 

Liverpool stand at 83 points with City at 63 after 30 games and Klopp has expressed his amazement at the situation after watching Pep’s men dismantle Burnley 5-0. 

“What I realised when I watched the game last night was how is it possible that any team is 20 points ahead of this team, that’s unthinkable,” Klopp told reporters in a virtual news conference.

“We must have obviously done a couple of things really well and right. But no, I don’t think about whether City can catch us, I think about Crystal Palace… I’m only concerned about what we are doing in the next game and not what City are doing.

“I watch them because we play them in nine days, not for hoping that they lose. I wanted them to lose last year against Leicester (City) but that didn’t work really well so that’s why I stopped doing that.”

Liverpool themselves have had an unbelievable season with their first defeat coming 3 games back. They have now won 27 and just lost the one in the 30 league games this season. 

A win against Crystal Palace will push them to the edge of a title. 

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