If anyone can, it's us' - Klopp to Liverpool before beating Barcelona 4-0

There should be a chapter on comebacks in every fairytale book. 

And Liverpool’s magical night at Anfield when they beat Barcelona after going 3-0 down will have to go down as one of the best. So how did they do it?

Hear it from James Milner!

“The night before the Barcelona game we were in the hotel and City were playing,” Milner told BBC Radio 5Live.

“Vinny (Vincent Kompany) does something that I’ve seen him do many times, slice a shot but usually it goes into the bushes in the training ground and this time it rocketed into the top corner of the net.

“The deflation of that the night before and then you have to turn around the deficit to Barcelona and I think all that added to the effort.

“We walked into the training ground the next morning and the manager said ‘does anyone have anything to say about that?’. Nothing right, here we go. ‘It’s pretty impossible but if anyone can do it, we can’.

“I think the way we went out about the game, there was no panic. There was urgency but it felt methodical how we went through the game. We made a good start, the fans were behind us.

“The crowd set the tempo. They loved Luis (Suarez) and what he did for the club and I think he said before what a great reception he was going to get. He was stood over the kick-off and the whistle, it was like ‘not tonight mate, you’re not on our team tonight’.”

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