Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic coming to Liverpool?

He has played for AC Milan and Inter Milan. So why can he not play for Manchester United and Liverpool?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a brilliant player who has always done what he has wanted to. He played for the biggest clubs in the world and without batting an eye, he has succeded everywhere.

His latest trip was to the LA, in USA where he scored 51 goals in 53 games and at the age of 38, Zlatan is not quite yet done. He wants more and is looking to return to Europe. 

Naturally a host of clubs are chasing him with Liverpool also believed to be in the running. Or are they not? Here is what Jurgen Klopp had to say about it. 

“If he had not played for Manchester United before, then we might have considered him,” Klopp told Sportbladet . “But I’m not even sure he wanted to play here. We’re a pretty intense team…”

Well ruling out Ibra because of his Manchester United link seemed to make sense. But intensity, Jurgen? Really? You have a Henderson in the team whose every third pass goes to the opposition and a Lovren who does not know how to maintain an offisde trap and runs around like a headless chicken.

Where do you think Zlatan will go?

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