James Milner recalls first impression of Harvey Elliott

James Milner seems to be in awe with the teenage sensations in the Liverpool squad

English winger Harvey Elliott who is just 17 impressed James Milner from the very first time he saw Elliott in the training grounds and instantly knew he can have a great future in the game.

Currently Phil Foden holds the title of the youngest Premier League winner but with three more appearances, Elliott can beat the Manchester City youngster.

Milner went on record to pay tribute to other players such as Curtis Jones and Neco Williams.

“We see it in training every day. You have seen it when they’ve had chances,” the former Man City man said.

“Curtis Jones has done fantastically well, Harvey Elliott has had some game time at his young age and you could see from the first training session with him, what a good player he can be.

“And he is in a fantastic place in terms of the coaching, and learning from the players he is training with and watching play. He can only get better and better.

“There are others. I don’t know what they are doing with right-backs at the academy, but Neco Williams looked incredible coming on the other day.

“He is fantastic. If he can learn to play left-back, that would help some of us out as well,” laughs stand-in left back Milner

“We will see if he can do that as well! He’s got that quality.

“The manager has proved from day one that they will get chances as well. In the current environment, and we don’t know what is going to happen with the transfer market, it is as important as ever to have those young talents.

“They push in training. We train every day and it’s not easy to train with people like Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mane and people like that, and make an impression.”

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