Jordan Henderson should not have picked for Euros

Roy Keane believes Henderson is not fit for the Euros.

Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson has been out for three months with a groin injury and is clearly not fit to participate in the Euros this season.

Roy Keane believes the Liverpool captain should not have picked in the 26-man England squad who missed Wednesday’s friendly win over Austria.

‘It is already a distraction for Jordan,’ Keane said on ITV Sport. ‘I was convinced Jordan was going to play the other day and certainly maybe start the game.

‘I know there is talk that he is going to come on for the second 45 minutes, but why not start him in the first 45 minutes where there is obviously more intensity?

‘The second half there’ll no doubt be plenty of changes, so I think it is a huge distraction. Clearly Jordan is not fit, I don’t think he should be involved.

‘He can’t be fit, if he can’t start a game against Romania… physically and mentally today’s game won’t be that tough, he is an experienced player. To not kick a ball for three and a half months and go into a European Championship, he can’t be right.

‘ Now I have heard people say “they want him around the place”… for what? Does he do card tricks? Does he have a sing song? Does he do quizzes in the evenings? What does he do? And if you’re Liverpool you wouldn’t be happy either.’


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