Jordan Henderson worried about title defense this season

Liverpool captain feared he would not able to lift the Premier League last season.

Last season England’s top-flight returned in June after the division was halted in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a new documentary title ‘The End of the Storm’ Henderson revealed how he fear of not being able to lift the title last season as the Reds were 25 points clear of Manchester City in second place when the league halted.


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“People won’t understand because you’re talking about life and death,” says Henderson. “But I’d given everything in my whole life, you know.

“It wasn’t just this year. I’d given everything in my whole life to try and win a Premier League.

“So to be in a position where you are really close and for that to stop and not really know what comes after that was pretty tough.”

“It felt extra special,” he adds when Kenny Dalglish hand-delivered the trophy.

“For Kenny to bring me personally to this football club and then for him to hand me the Premier League trophy was an incredible moment.

“It is something that dreams are made of.”


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