Jose Mourinho Silenced Vincent Kompany Over Liverpool's Title-Bid Back In November

Jose Mourinho had silenced Vincent Kompany back in November when a debate about Liverpool’s title chances arose.

Kompany was pretty confident at the time that Manchester City would not concede the Premier League trophy that easy even if they were only 6 points behind.

In his defence, many felt the same way but Mourinho did not. He explained exactly why Liverpool had a fair shot at overthrowing City as the English champions. Right before the 3-1 Liverpool win over City, Kompany said on a Sky Sports panel, “In this case, if you look at the last decade or so, there have been numerous times where Liverpool were top of the league and there were numerous times where City were behind as well…”

Mourinho quickly interjected to add, “But City was the best team. When I gave you the title, you never told me thank you. When I gave you the title by winning here and you didn’t even call me to say thank you, you were the best team.”

The former Manchester United boss continued, “They were not the best, they were there, they were almost there, but you were the best team, in this moment I don’t think there is that difference in power.

“Even in terms of statures, if statures play something. You are the champions of England but they are the champions of Europe. They know how to win, they know how to cope with the pressure, so for me, the game today is very, very important. Because if the distances are three points or six points, it is still very open, but if the difference is nine points, goodbye.”

Eventually, Mourinho’s words proved to be true as Liverpool went on to win the Premier League title while Pep Guardiola’s City continue to slip below with 7 losses to their name.

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