Juren Klopp Reveals Unusual Target For Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool to become the “most intense team” in the Premier League next season as fight for the title heats up.

The Reds have been shockingly passive in the recent transfer window whereas all the other teams in the top six have strengthened their squads significantly. Klopp himself is positive about making a run for the crown again but he insists that results cannot be compared to the last campaign.

“First and foremost, it’s very important you don’t compare season,” said the German boss. “Last year gave us a few important pieces of information. For sure, we could increase our self-awareness and confidence as well.

“Do we want to have the best defence again? Yes. Do we wish that Ali gets the Golden Gloves award again? Yes. That gives you the opportunity that means you don’t have to score five goals each game to win. It’s not about comparing (seasons), it makes absolutely no sense.

“You (the media) do that. If you remember, last year when we won all the games at the start, you were telling me immediately ‘but it’s not the same football you are playing any more’.

“We want to be intense – more intense than other teams. There’s not a competition for it, but it’s a title you can win, to be the most intense team. That’s what we want to be, however you want to measure that.

“If we are that and mixed with our quality and the potential that we have, it could be good football and successful football. That’s the plan.”

Klopp added: “We try to learn from last year. I can learn from it, that’s one thing, but I need time to bring this information to my boys. Since yesterday (Wednesday) we are complete (as a squad).

“Everybody expects development from us, but we haven’t had the players together. We cannot develop by phone calls – ‘By the way, next year we do this and that and this and that, and now you can go back to the beach’ – you develop during a season and we will see where it leads us. But our attitude will not change, will not change.”



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