Jurgen Klopp has raised concerns over the prospect of the European Super League.

Recent reports revealed top European teams are planning to build a separate entity for them to start their own league in near future. The likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, AC Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid are entitled to be the host sides while the other bigwigs would enlist their names as guests.

The competition is being readied in a bid so that the responsible clubs can leave their respective domestic league to form a different cash rich league. The idea seems to be still in the conceptual phase and any sign of making it permanent is still not visible.

Liverpool played a 1-1 draw with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium which helped them in climbing back to the top of the table but Manchester City will still have the chance to reclaim it back on Sunday.

Klopp said,  “The first time it sounds really nice because it sounds like much less games and a lot more money!”

“I’m completely fine with league football how it is at the moment. [It] is an idea that we don’t do immediately; I’m not even sure if someone actually spoke about it, to be honest.

“It looks like, with all the other wonderful ideas of Fifa and Uefa, they do it immediately, they don’t ask.

“You see, ‘ah, now we have 20 games more and not more money’.”



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