Jurgen Klopp expects Roberto Firmino to bounce back

Jurgen Klopp explains Roberto Firmino’s struggles this season.

The Brazilian forward is enduring his most difficult campaign as a Liverpool player scoring only six goals in 43 appearances.

Jurgen Klopp dismisses the fact that the 29-year old striker is declining and believes Firmino would bounce back next season.

Klopp told reporters: “It [Firmino’s form] is a mixture of the season, 100 per cent, but as well, when the boys up front don’t score as often as we’re used to then that doesn’t help!

“But anyway, we are not in dreamland, so you can go through these periods. But, of course, it is temporary and not forever. There is no doubt about that.

“Bobby is not old or tired or lost everything, not at all. We see everything in training, but we need to make sure we bring that more often on the pitch. That is not only for Bobby either, but you asked about him. That is a general thing for us.

“So let me say it like this, when we lost our defence and stability a bit because of injuries, everybody had to play differently to protect the defence. That means you play a yard further back, or two, or five, or 10. That keeps your focus away from an offensive situation because you would think already that when you lose the ball you have to get it back.

“So there are a lot of complex things that have happened this year and so far it was why this is the season we saw. There are absolutely no excuses, and I hope that is clear, but it is a description.

“Bobby is a good example of that but he is in a good moment, he trains really well and that is good.”


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