Jurgen Klopp confesses Liverpool need to conquer the Premier League title in a bid to define success for them.

The Reds have had an excellent start to the campaign as their free flowing attacking football has been of great success racking up eight wins in the proceedings. But despite being a well oiled side they have failed to reach the heights of Chelsea and Manchester City.

The Reds were expected to backup their early success but a draw against Arsenal and a shocking defeat at the hands of Red Star Belgrade have slowed their progress and Klopp’s side must find a way to get back to winning ways when they face Fulham in the Premier League.

The gaffer said, “The season so far-wise, points-wise in the Premier League, has been really successful.

“But it doesn’t really feel like that because there are two reasons in comparison with last year: free-flowing football in a few games and Man City and maybe Chelsea and a few others play a very good season as well.

It feels a bit like this season can only be a success if we become champions this year.”

“In a year our competitors are the champions of last year, the champions of two years ago, a more refreshed Arsenal and a more experienced Tottenham and Manchester United.

“That’s a really tough job but we have no problem with that, we go for everything. We have to build on our situation, we have to get better, to get more confidence out of the season.

“It’s all OK but this game on Tuesday was a rather massive knock which was not expected and now we have to react for us in the right way, not only on Sunday but in general.”

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