Jurgen Klopp Marked €140m Price Tag For Jadon Sancho A 'Issue'

Jurgen Klopp rubbished rumours of Liverpool chasing after Jadon Sancho this January.

“He’s a very good player,” Klopp said about the Borussia Dortmund winger. “I have no clue where these kind of things [the rumours] are coming from, but it cannot come from us because we never speak about it.

“If we would be involved, nobody would know about it apart from a person who wouldn’t speak about it. There’s nothing to say. I know how it sounds, but I cannot change that. There’s nothing to say about it, which can mean there’s absolutely nothing to say about it.”

Sancho has knocked in 7 goals in 19 appearances this season and is thought to be valued as high as €140million (£120m). When asked if the Reds will be able to afford him, Klopp replied, “That’s one issue, 100 per cent an issue.

The Anfield boss did admit that further additions are a possibility in January as he said, “We don’t speak about it, but we are pretty much always ready to do something if it will help us.

“If not, then not. We will see. I think the summer window is more difficult because of the different moments when it closes in Europe. That makes it really difficult. We will see how that will be in the future. The summer window only hurts the English clubs.”

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