Jurgen Klopp Refused To Scapegoat Alexander-Arnold

Jurgen Klopp was not looking to blame Trent Alexander-Arnold for Liverpool’s defeat to Real Madrid.

After putting in a wonderful performance against Arsenal, the English full-back was at fault for at least one of Madrid’s goals on Tuesday.

Klopp said after the game, “These kind of mistakes don’t happen just all of a sudden, they have all a little history before and a little story after that, and stuff like this. So, I didn’t like our game in the first half.

“We were just not really in the game, that’s our mistake and that’s where we have to be really clear in our self-criticism, to be honest. Then something like this can happen: we judge the situation wrong, we want to pass the ball back to the goalie… in that moment it was Trent with the header, but in other moments we just gave them the opportunity to use the speed they have for going in behind too easily by losing the balls in the completely wrong moment.

“Because when you analyse Real Madrid, all the natural individual quality they have, a lot of things are really switching the sides and accelerating [and] passing the ball in behind. They have three of the best midfielders in the world [who have] obviously played together since it feels like 20 years.

“If they win the ball then Modric and especially Kroos, and Casemiro, they chip the balls there and then you are under pressure and you don’t know where the striker is because they run around. These mistakes can happen. That’s not my problem of the game because these kind of things can happen against Real Madrid, but if you only lose one ball it could happen – but we lost too many.

“That is my story and if you want to go to the semi-finals, and that’s absolutely OK and fair, you have to deserve it with the performance you put on the pitch and tonight we were not good enough to win this game. The only good news is there is another game, but it’s not like we have an advantage now. We are under pressure of course and we have to show we can deal with that.”

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