Jurgen Klopp Was Full Of Praise Of Impressive Aston Villa Youngsters

Jurgen Klopp was full of praise for the youngsters that faced Liverpool in the 1-4 defeat.

Dean Smith fielded a very youth-dominant Aston Villa team to take on the English Champions in the FA Cup.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Villans camp, they were forced to send Mark Delaney to lead a team full of teenagers. Loui Barry even gave the hosts an equaliser in the first half.

Jurgen Klopp praised the efforts of the Aston Villa players as he said,  “The boys did really well, the kids of Aston Villa did really well, were organised and all that stuff. It was clear. We scored an early goal, a nice one, and then we didn’t play quick enough anymore, didn’t move fast enough, didn’t play the right spaces.

“These are football problems and we solved the football problems with football in the second half. So, I’m really fine with it.

“It was a tricky one. I’ve never before had this kind of challenge in my life, that you have no idea who you’re playing against – absolutely no idea; that you prepare a meeting and then you can throw all the preparation, all the videos in the bin and then you have to start new.

“That’s football and academy players are good players. Last year we played here with our kids and they gave Aston Villa a proper game as well. That’s just how it is.

“These young kids can all play football and if you don’t play well against them you have problems. Second half, we played exactly like we should have played from the beginning and that’s why we won really the right way.”

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