Jurgen Klopp and Niko Kovac seemed to have a confrontation following the final whistle in last night’s match at Anfield. However, both managers played down the incident, saying that everything was okay.

The first leg between Liverpool and Bayern Munich ended in a goalless draw at Anfield. Following the final whistle, Klopp seemed a little miffed at Kovac who shook his hand but not before Klopp called him. After shaking hands, Klopp walked off while Kovac tried to hold on to his arm.

However, Klopp said that there was no love lost between the two. Klopp said, “No, no, no. I wanted to shake Niko’s hand immediately and then he went in the crowd of his players. I thought he shakes the whole of Bayern’s hands.

Then when he came back I said ‘I am waiting’ and he apologised and I said no problem and he wants to apologise again. That’s how it was.”

About the incident, Kovac had a similar viewpoint while saying that he was only doing what is generally done in Germany following a match. The former Croatia captain said, “That was funny. We were on English soil. In Germany it is normal when games end you shake hands with your players.

In England, first the coaches shake hands. So I did what I did in Germany, said sorry and made up for it. And in Germany we will do it as we do it in Germany.”

Liverpool next face a very tough task ahead as they take on Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday.




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