Klopp Asks Fans To Not Get Hopes High For Title Win Next Season

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has told fans to lower hopes of title win next year.

Klopp explains why. He does not want to put the pressure of a big win on his team – the idea is to play football competitively, enjoy it, and in the process if Liverpool wins something, so be it.

“People may expect from us to win the league again,” Klopp said, via The Independent. “But I will not go into the season like this.

“I want us to play the best football we can play. I don’t see it that you can win something if you defend something.

“We won it last year, nice, and now we will attack again. There is no guarantee that we will do it but we will try.

“People will be afraid that these boys will get lazy. These boys, like they showed at Crystal Palace, they cannot get lazy. It is just not in their nature. I am still here and have a little word with them and convince them before and after we play. We will not stop.

“We learned the biggest problem out there is our health. We knew it before but we felt it when people became ill. We didn’t get ill or sick but still we were part of this disease. So this is the main thing of the moment and the rest we can deal with.

“And we waited 30 years for something and we did it. Now we are here and we want to celebrate differently in our moment. It is a special moment for me as well. I haven’t seen any pictures from any celebrations, I don’t want them.

Jurgen Klopp wants to cherish this moment, in the present. Whatever is held in fate for the Reds next season, will happen next season.

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