Klopp fumes over catastrophic AFCON changes

Klopp is definitely fuming over the changes made at the African Cup of Nations, aka, AFCON.

“The African Cup of Nations going back to January is, for us, a catastrophe,” he said. “We will not sell Sadio, Mo or Naby now because they have a tournament in January and February – of course not. But if you have to make a decision about bringing in a player, it is a massive one because before the season you know for four weeks you don’t have them. That’s a normal process and as a club you have to think about these things.”

“It is like the biggest waste of time ever. ‘The Moaner from Liverpool’ or whatever is again on track,” he said. “As long as nothing changes I will say it all the time. It is because it is about the players, not one second about me.

“There are so many things to sort but all these guys never find time to sit around one table and make a general schedule. All these different games to play and no break for the players. Let’s respect that, but if you have that break don’t make a replay in this break. This would help massively.”

Klopp also talked about Harry Kane’s hamstring injury, Tottenham’s forward.

He said: “I feel massively for Harry Kane, I now hear he may not be in the Euros. For the first time some English people in the FA may think: ‘Oh, too many games maybe.’ Something has to happen for them to really start thinking about it.”

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