Klopp hails Wijnaldum as perfect midfielder

Liverpool star Gini Wijnaldum has been hailed as the perfect midfielder by Jurgen Klopp.

Wijnaldum joined Liverpool from Newcastle and has gone on to become really impressive under Klopp.

“Gini speaks on the pitch for the way he plays. It’s just so obvious his importance,” said Klopp.

“And it is in both directions – in attack and defence, small spaces, big spaces, it is hard challenges, fine football, pretty much all of that”

“Is he the perfect midfielder? Yes, from the skill-set, 100 per cent. He has all that you need.

“There was his header against Barcelona too. He is not the ­tallest, but he is good in the air.

“He is a good jumper with good timing, all that stuff. It all makes him a pretty good footballer.

“That is how it should be. It is not my fault if he goes under the radar. You cannot ask me why he goes under the radar. I don’t set the radar!”

Klopp said: “Don’t worry, he is a ­personality in the dressing room. He is not the guy who says yes to everything.

“He’s not really knocking on my door, but, just like any other human being, if there are things he doesn’t like, it’s normal.

“Character is what makes you the person you are and sometimes it stops them going a bit further.

“I don’t mind players knocking on my door, but it shouldn’t ­happen too often. It is more about the information. If my information is correct, then hopefully they will accept it rather than making it a more personal thing.

“The perfect reaction was when I didn’t start him against ­Barcelona at home – and he came on and scored twice.”

“I said to him, ‘You scored twice!’ He replied, ‘Yes, but that’s because you didn’t let me out from the start’. I said, ‘So, who is right now?”

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