There we have it ladies and gentleman! Jurgen Klopp is finally an European champion.

The long wait for over a decade has finally ended for the dynamic German. He is now a member of the elite group of managers who have won the Champions League.

When asked about his moment of euphoria, Klopp was quick to express his relief more than anything on the silverware acquisition.

“I feel mostly relieved to be honest, relieved for my family actually because they are pretty close to me, as you can imagine,” Klopp told a news conference.

“And the last six times, we always flew on holiday with the silver medal, which doesn’t feel too cool. And this is completely different this year, so it’s for them as well. And that’s great.

“It’s for our supporters, but for our owners as well, because they never put real pressure on us, they appreciate the development, they see the steps we make. It’s for them as well, it’s great.

“[It’s] for the players – we were all pretty much crying on the pitch because it was so emotional, it was so big, it means so much to us.”

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