Klopp praises Firmino for steller performance

Liverpool beat Southampton by 4-0 and for that, manager Jurgen Klopp praised Robert Firmino for creating three of those goals.

“He is [unique],” said Klopp, according to Sky Sports. “He is just exceptional, a very football-smart person, obviously.

“In the first half, in between a really tight formation of Southampton, the way he drops and keeps the ball, how he makes things happen is very special, absolutely.

“Then even a player like Bobby needs an address where he can send the ball, because he cannot take the ball and turn and run alone.

“How he uses the skills of his mates is special. I do not know a player like him, that is true.”

“It is not about closing the book of the season after a day like Saturday and thinking it is done. It is not done. It is all about showing the respect for the opposition with the attitude,” said the boss.

“Hendo is one example. There are plenty of others. But did he look like the captain of a team that is 19 points ahead? Not for a second.

“It looked like if we lose we are relegated. That is how the boys were. That is the only way for us to win a game. It is always the same.”

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