Klopp prepares Liverpool for the most difficult game in world football

Jurgen Klopp has expressed the difficulty and importance of the tie versus Manchester City.

Speaking ahead of their game versus Pep’s City, Klopp talked about how it is the most difficult game in world football at the moment.

Klopp said Liverpool must be “brave, play football and defend with all we have”.

“And then, yes, we have a chance, but it’s very difficult,” he explained. “This is the most difficult game in the world of football, to play against Man City, and so we have to prepare for that.

“It’s of course nothing even close to a title decider. Nobody can know what it will be like at matchday 38. Whatever happens on Sunday will not decide the league.

“Too many things can happen, especially in this year.”

“I never saw it like this, I don’t know where that’s coming from,” said the former Borussia Dortmund boss.

“Each season starts at nil. We all have the same chance and it’s about how you fight together as a team, as a group, how lucky are you with injuries.

“For me, this two-horse race thing was never a phrase I not only didn’t use, I didn’t even think. I’m interested in only one horse and that’s us.

“Chelsea and Tottenham are really good, Arsenal are really good, Leicester are really good, Everton are unfortunately really good.

“There are a lot of teams fighting. People write off Manchester United pretty early and in the end they will be there as well.”

“We all fight for the Champions League spots. When you are close enough to that, you can be champion at the end of the season,” Klopp added. “It’s so early in the season. I don’t know who will be the top horse at the end of this season.”

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