Klopp rallies troops - issues battle cry at Anfield tonight

When Atletico won 1-0 back in Wanda Metropolitano, a much larger event had set into motion – the second leg at Anfield.

Anfield. Known for its ferocity and vociferous nature, it has taken down the best teams in the world. Barcelona were left shell shocked as recently as last year when they saw their 3-0 lead from the first leg evaporate amidst the burning fire of Anfield.

Away teams probably get a real feel of what hell can be like every time Anfield dawns on them.

And with Liverpool beaten but not kicked out in the first half, it is time once again for Jurgen Klopp’s giants to rise with the love and support of Anfield. 

The manager has issued the battle cry – its war tonight at Anfield.

“That is how it is”, Klopp said. “We have to attack. We have to create. We have to protect like never before in our life and we have to interact and we need Anfield.

“That is the truth. But it is always like this. I only say we should give it a proper try. That is all I want and then we accept what happens. If Atletico go through, congratulations. If not, we will deserve it. We need a result so we cannot worry about the situation. We have to have a fantastic night.”

Liverpool are one of the best teams in the world right now and Atletico will know they will have to get the better of not just 11 outstanding players but a 54,000-strong hostile army. 

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