Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp feels that his team should embrace their good start to the season and not worry much about their defeat to Red Star Belgrade.

Liverpool endured their most disappointing result of the season earlier this week by losing 2-0 against Red Star Belgrade. The Reds are currently second in their Champions League group with 6 points.

Despite the defeat, Klopp feels that his players should think about the other good things they have achieved this season so far.

Liverpool had high expectations prior to the start of this season. They are yet to lose a match in the Premier League with 11 matchdays gone.

Klopp said, “We come into today’s game in a very healthy position in our domestic campaign, albeit I am not immune to some of the debate and discussion surrounding our current form or level of performance.

I’ve been at this club and in this country long enough now to understand that a result like the one in Belgrade on Tuesday will lead to a lot of analysis, opinions offered and conclusions being drawn. This is absolutely fine of course and I understand that it even comes from those who genuinely care about our situation and have a desire to see us succeed.

To be clear: the performance against Red Star wasn’t at the levels we expect of ourselves. End of story. But I also cannot and will not ignore everything else we have done so far this season. We kick off this fixture today, our 12th Premier League game of the season, with 27 points and within striking distance of first place in the table. These points have not been given to us on a silver plate or gift-wrapped. Our destiny in the Champions League group remains in our own hands. Not only are we in a situation with a number of avenues to qualify but if we win both our remaining games we will finish top of a highly competitive mini-league.

Self-analysis and self-review is important and it is crucial never to be ignorant to areas you can improve. This is what we work on all the time. This applies to me and my management of the team the most, by the way. The person who is most responsible for performances and results like Tuesday is me – this is always the case. But reviewing and seeking continuous improvement and progression also involves making sure you don’t risk damaging a really positive situation.

We are in a good way and I encourage my players and the supporters to embrace this ahead of today. If I was a doctor I would say we are in really good health. Not perfect and of course we all want to be even healthier. But by no means are we need of any drastic treatment, far from it in fact.”

Liverpool will hope to pick up three points against Fulham today.




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