Klopp slams English calendar

Jurgen Klopp has expressed his frustration with the English calendar.

Speaking on the fixture clash ahead of this weekends Premier League game, also against Villa, Klopp said: “There is no final decision yet [if we will play the quarter-final]. If we would play while we’re in Qatar then we would need two different teams but we cannot leave any players at home for the Carabao Cup.

“We have two games there in a very busy period. It’s not that we can go there with 11 players and let them play the two games in Qatar and the other guys play at home in Aston Villa. It doesn’t work like this. We have to make a decision but not yet.”

“It’s obvious that it’s too much, absolutely obvious. Everybody involved in the game will tell you that, and you know it as well,” he added.

“Let us have a look how they deal with it. If you see the schedule coming up, it is all okay.

“For example, Premier League – what a competition, then Carabao Cup a nice competition – what a wonderful game we had the other night.

“But then at the end of January after a very busy schedule in December, we have two semi-finals. It is an easy decision for me to say, okay if you want to keep the competition why two semi-finals?”

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