Klopp talks about his dressing room philosophy

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed how he manages himself in the dressing room.

Speaking to a group of young Liverpool fans, via the Mirror, Klopp said: “Possibly I get mad in the dressing room… possibly. But usually if we lost the game, I try… well then it makes real sense to go home and sleep a night before you then properly talk about it.

“As you get older you realise in a lot of situations in your life that it makes real sense when you feel anger you just step aside or go home and sleep a night and think a little bit.

“And then you talk about it and then the emotions are out and you can really speak about the things that really matter.”

Asked how he is helping his players rebuild their shattered confidence, he replied: “What I try to do in these moments is to remind the boys of their real quality, and believe in it.

“So be confident, stay confident, because with the quality they have, there is no reason not to be confident. Confidence is based on positivity – if you experience things yourself that is where you get confidence.

“You know yourself, if you score a goal in a game you just think next time ‘if I’m in a similar situation then I will score again’. That is what confidence is. But if you did not score the last time, then it may be a little bit different. That is where you have to believe in your quality.”

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